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  • I am passionate about social change. I want to work on creating a world that stops us from running towards the paradox of infinite growth and starts to foster the wellbeing of the whole - I want to build societal and economic solutions that actually make us happy and work for 100% of humanity.


    I am energized by leading big-picture changes through creating authentic human experiences.

    And I thrive when I can implement projects that help communities achieve their maximum potential.

    I bring expertise in:

    • Project management
    • Multi-stakeholder engagement
    • Digital marketing
    • Community outreach
    • Human-centered design 

    With a strong focus on field work, impact creation and long-term sustainability in the social as well as in the corporate sector.

  • Projects

    This is what I do

    Co-Founder (Entrepreneur)

    HomeBase Apartments (Cologne, Germany)


    How to bring your vision alive?

    HomeBase is giving me the steepest learning curve ever since. Strengthening my operational skills as an entrepreneur in everyday business and meanwhile strategically growing the business and expanding the vision no day looks the same in start up life of founding our apartment rental company. Observing market needs, competition and working out your unique selling point is one side of the coin but for me the greatest opportunity for learning lies within staying focused on who you are and what you want the company to be.

    HomeBase gives me the possibility to bring our vision to life: designing spaces that help people create a deeper level of connection - towards themselves, others & nature.

    And making sure my day to day business decision help moving forward on that path and actually walking my talk is my biggest challenge and at the same moment the biggest gift I have found here and I'm very grateful for that!



    • Planning & executing upscaling process from 4 to 9 apartments in the first year
    • Set up of standardised & automated processes e.g. for guest management, communication, HR, finance etc.
    • Set up of booking system (PMS & channel manager) including an integrated website, accounting functionalities & automatic guest communications
    • Application of lean start up methods so we could grow the business without any external financing
    • HR management & development for one employee & 4 freelance crew member
    • Facilitation of design thinking workshops to further develop the vision & build a community around it


    Since 07/2016

    Johannes Dvorschak Logo

    Business Development & Coaching (Freelance)

    Johannes Dvorschak (Cologne, Germany)


    How to teach my own learnings to others & how to manage a startup?

    Working with Johannes Dvorschak I had two major chances for growth. On the one hand I could rise to the challenge not only to apply my knowledge but also to facilitate it to others. On the other hand my work there not only made me trust even more in myself dealing with any challenge that comes along in the very agile environment of a startup requiring the skillset of an allrounder but also showed me how much I flourish in this environment because for a new challenge everyday also means a new opportunity to learn everyday. As I also came in a time of crisis for one of the businesses I also improved my skills in crisis management and also had to handle taking tough decisions.



    • Startup interims management after unexpected leave of one of the business partners in the funding phase
    • Research and rapid prototyping on different market potentials and possible business development fields
    • Assistance with all tasks in the everyday startup business (accounting, finances, marketing, customer relations, online sales etc.)
    • Set up of 2 corporate and one personal website including design, content strategy and testing
    • Video production for a personal introduction on the website from scripting and conceptualizing to film-making
    • Workshop facilitation and personal Coaching on topics of personal and professional development, design thinking and capacity building

    04/2016 - 08/2016

    Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association Logo

    Project Manager (Apprenticeship)


    How to turn a community based organization (CBO) highly dependent on funding into a self-sustaining social business?

    Changing the mindset of the community that was used to donations flowing in securing the existence of the Mara Discovery Center that they now will have to think like a business and becoming self-sustainaining over a very short period of time was surely not an easy tasks. But open communication and the inclusion of the community as well as key stakeholders ensured the success of the project. I'm especially proud that we not only could get a lot of volunteers from the community mobilized for the makeover of the center which we together identified as the most important and effective measure but also that this didn't stay a one-time event but also sparked the community to continue the good work on other measures.



    • Project Management during transformation of the Mara Discovery Center into a fully self-sustaining social business incl. review of current business plan, restructuring according to new KPIs and recommendation for prioritization of remaining funds
    • Project management for the makeover of the Mara Discovery Center incl. planning, budgeting, purchasing, recruiting volunteers, logistics, execution and troubleshooting
    • Consulting on set up of the “Make Space for the Great Migration” Campaign regarding targeting and implementation strategies

    08/2015 – 12/2015

    HURLIYA Logo

    Community Development Associate (Volunteer)

    HURLIYA (Nairobi, Kenya)


    How to assist with what's already great?

    HULYIA is a community-based organization (CBO) of so-called Boda Boda drivers - Nairobi's motorbike taxi drivers - who set up a charma, collecting money from all their members, and jointly saving up to one day take a loan based on their savings and invest together into a better future for themselves. I was truly impressed what they had set up with no means and in a very short time and I actually came to HURLIYA meetings to learn - yet they asked me for advice. So I invested a lot of time in really understanding the community, their needs and what they already build together to then be able to assist them leveraging their own knowledge even better.



    • Assistance with community organizing tools to increase effectiveness towards the goals of this community-based organization
    • Attending of regular meetings to better understand needs and culture of HULRIYA
    • Facilitation of design thinking activity to identify income generating projects to prototype

    Since 08/2015

    KUWA Logo

    Community Development Associate (Volunteer)

    KUWA (Dandora - Nairobi, Kenya)


    How might we transfer the upgrading strategies from the courtyards in the neighbourhood around one of the world's largest dumpsite into its public spaces?

    The Making Cities together project aims to develop a sustainable, viable and long-term agenda for Nairobi's public spaces as an entry point to urban planning and works together with KUWA to build a model street in Dandora. Our tasks was to figure out how to best implement dustbins in this model street so that they would actually be used. The most interesting part about this was to understand what strategies might be transferable from the residential areas and what might be different in the public space and integrating the community in the whole process by participatory methods.



    • Pilot for scaling urban development from Dandora’s courtyards to public spaces by designing an implementation strategy for dustbins
    • Design and execution of participatory approach using human-centered design
    • Conduction and evaluation of interviews (n=15) 
    • Facilitation of design thinking activity with community and selection of best implementation strategies for prototyping considering: location, bin design, materials, communication, community engagement, recollection strategy


    08/2015 - 12/2015

    Lisa Schulze | Consulting and Project Management Logo

    Digital Marketing Consultant (Freelance)

    Lisa Schulze | Consulting for Bayer MaterialScience (Cologne, Germany)


    How to be your own boss?

    Working on my own was an important step for me learning to do great work for my client and handling the challenges that come with being self-employed at the same time. Especially fulfilling was that I could end this project successfully by having setup a digital marketing department as an integral part at Bayer MaterialScience.



    • Strategic implementation of digital marketing concept for BU Polycarbonates
    • Design and set-up of new (digital) marketing processes and workflows
    • Extended roll-out after successful pilot implementation & controlling of an AdWords campaign for the leading product brand
    • Successful pilot implementation for one of the market segments incl. the new marketing process, strategic planning of activities, timelines and responsibilities for the following year, SEO, AdWords, new newsletter design etc.
    • Assistance with project management for newsletter migration esp. with testing and multi-stakeholder engagement
    • Active change management to increase acceptance (e.g. informational meetings, Q&A sessions, early engagement of marketing departments via change agents, employee workshops & trainings etc.) of the multiple stakeholders engaged

    01/2015 – 05/2015

    OSCAR GmbH Logo

    Digital Marketing Consultant (Employment)

    OSCAR GmbH for Bayer MaterialScience (Cologne, Germany)


    How to bring digital transformation into an rather static, traditional and highly bureaucratic organization?

    As I came into an organization who had to shift their focus from increasing production capacities to marketing their products only a few years ago and in this process especially digital was still new territory to them I quickly realized active change management would have to be at the core of my work right from the beginning. That's why besides the analytical and strategic parts I focused on reducing fears, extensive information, inclusion of the important stakeholders through participative methods and delivery of quick wins to present the benefits of digital marketing in real-life scenarios and made them key resources. I see it as essential to the acceptance of the project within the company.



    • Set-up of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for BU Polycarbonates incl. concrete recommendations of action
    • Assessment of market situation incl. SWOT analysis and Benchmarking
    • Preparation, execution and evaluation of internal expert interviews (n=24) to identify internal demand and potential barriers
    • Preparation, execution and evaluation of global online survey (n=2511) to quantitatively and qualitatively assess target group behavior
    • Prioritization of digital marketing tools based on an evaluation of costs, effort and risks vs. benefits
    • Assistance with project management of website translation from English into German and Chinese especially management of the multiple stakeholders (translation agency, testing team, IT, external developers, design agency, legal department, product stewards etc.)
    • Active change management to increase acceptance (e.g. informational meetings, Q&A sessions, early engagement of marketing departments via change agents, employee workshops & trainings etc.) of the multiple stakeholders engaged

    03/2014 – 12/2014

  • Values

    The foundation for the decisions I make

    Happiness - Sunflower


    "Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be."

    - Lincoln​

    I found this to be exceedingly true. I consider happiness nothing that comes to you - happiness has to come from within yourself. It's a skill and we have the choice to practice it everyday.

    Humility - Man beneath the stars


    "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't."

    - Bill Nye​

    Practicing the Zen principle of the beginner's mind is essential to me. It includes the willingness to set aside everything you know to observe with a truly open mind to be able to learn from anyone, anywhere at anytime .

    Connection - Holding hands


    "Invisible threads are the strongest ties."

    - Nietzsche

    I believe connection is a deep natural human need - it's why we're here. It gives us meaning and purpose in life. To meet this need and make real connection we have to have the courage to reveal our own vulnerability.

    Impact - Ripple effect


    "We touch other people's lives simply by existing."

    - J. K. Rowling

    Whatever we do has an impact on the world around us and we have the responsibility to make it count. I want to dedicate my life to impacting the life of others as positively as I can by working to be my best possible self.

  • Personality

    How I work and what drives me

    Self-awareness is key to good leadership. Knowing yourself well is the first step for self-development. It helps you not only to understand yourself but also others better making you a better leader, a better team player in the end.

    So welcome to a sneak peek of how I work and what drives me!

    Imperative Logo

    Purpose Type: The Advocate

    I aim to impact society by creating authentic human experiences.

    I strive to change the world by creating experiences that enable meaningful human connection and collaboration. Driven to promote fairness and equality - I work to create a humanistic environment that will lead to big picture changes in society.

    I want to bring out the best in others through creating meaningful experiences. I feel most invigorated by my work when I see that my contributions have brought inspiration and meaning to those who need it most and I'm energized when you help me find new experiences that help me grow.





    Society. I aspire to tackle high level critical issues that affect the lives of many and I thrive when working toward solutions that have the potential to make a wide-ranging impact.



    Harmony. Consider what the world would look like if everyone was just out for themselves. Without the desire to build a society with room for everyone, the most vulnerable people would be left behind. My approach is one of compassion and empathy, generating harmony and progress that we all can share in.



    Human. I believe that addressing the needs of real people is at the heart of productive, successful work. I feel the greatest sense of purpose when these needs are not only considered but prioritized.



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    MBTI Test logo


    Extraverted. iNtuitive. Feeling. Judging.

    ENFJs generally believe in their dreams, and see themselves as helpers and enablers, which they usually are. ENFJs are global learners. They see the big picture.


    The ENFJs focus is expansive. Some can juggle an amazing number of responsibilities or projects simultaneously. Many ENFJs have tremendous entrepreneurial ability.


    ENFJs know and appreciate people. An ENFJ’s interest in a subject is driven by the answer to the question, “Is this helpful to people?”. The more they see a topic to be beneficial to others, the greater their interest in the topic and the greater their desire to actively engage in it and apply what they learn. Their interest in studying the material is motivated by their desire to find solutions to people-related issues.


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    VIA Institute on Character Strengths Logo

    VIA Character: My 5 Signature Strengths

    I lead from my strengths.

    LOVE: Valuing close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated; being close to people


    HONESTY [authenticity, integrity]: Speaking the truth but more broadly presenting oneself in a genuine way and acting in a sincere way; being without pretense; taking responsibility for one's feelings and actions


    COMPASSION [generosity, kindness, nurturance, care, altruistic love, "niceness"]: Doing favors and good deeds for others; helping them; taking care of them


    OPTIMISM [hope, future-mindedness, future orientation]: Expecting the best in the future and working to achieve it; believing that a good future is something that can be brought about


    JUDGEMENT [critical thinking]: Thinking things through and examining them from all sides; not jumping to conclusions; being able to change one's mind in light of evidence; weighing all evidence fairly


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  • I believe in...

    ...sustainable social impact through true understanding

  • Education

    Who I've learned from

    The Amani Institute Logo

    The Amani Institute (Nairobi, Kenya)

    Social Innovation Management Fellow (Postgraduate Certificate)

    • Unique field-based program in an international environment that combines skill-building courses with hands-on experience
    • Extract from courses: Behavioral Economics, Navigating Change, Leadership Bootcamp, Design Thinking, Management in Complex Environments, Impact Evaluation
    • Development of own Social Innovation Project: “How might we successfully implement dustbins in Dandora’s public spaces?”

    07/2015 – 06/2016

    IDEO Logo

    IDEO & Acumen (online & Kenya)

    Human-centered Design (Certificate)

    • Unique 7-week course introducing and training the methods & tools of human-centered design online while tackling a real-world design challenge applying these principles offline with an international team
    • Topics covered in the course included: human-centered design research methods, concept generation, and rapidly prototyping a solution to a poverty-related design challenge

    Certificate >>

    Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Logo

    Hochschule Fresenius (Cologne, Germany)

    Business Psychology (B.A.)

    Interdisciplinary studies of applied science in business psychology integrating hands-on experience including 4 project studies with external partners.

    • Major I: Market, Advertising & Media Psychology
    • Major II: Organizational Psychology & Consultancy
    • Bachelor Thesis: “The internal and external perception of a marketing focused CSR campaign by the example of Krombacher” 
    • GPA:  3.60

    09/2010 – 08/2013

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